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During the first decade of century XXI concrete technology has experienced a growth never seen before, and UHPC is the greatest example of it. We are the best way to know how to use this valuable and revolutionary material. Meet us to learn how our technology can help you!

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Research and Development Concretes (RDC) is a consultant that provides support to switch from traditional materials to UHPC in a great variety of sectors (industry, renewable energies, civil engineering, blue economy, precast structures, security, etc).

Beyond the urban furniture with UHPC

Formex® is the premix we propose for these applications, tailoring the mix design for each client to create an efficient, sustainable and cost-affordable solution.

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Weight reduction of 40-75%



Compresive strength 3 to 5 times higther



Lifespan up to 4 times greater

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Finished projects

Check our UHPC projects in which RDC has provided its know-how to achieve an efficient transition to UHPC in different sectors. Under our guide many different companies and institutions have had smart and successfull solutions.


UHPC / Consulting

RDC works closely with the client to evaluate the technical, economical and environmental viability of replacing its current solution by UHPC. A tailored premix of Formex® is proposed to maximize the competitiveness of the new element.



Know us

Meet our team, know our vision, discover our values. Let us introduce ourselves, the people and the business that made the leader consultant company in UHPC worldwide.


Possibly, UHPC is valuable for your business and you still don’t know it. Maybe you even don’t use concrete or it is rarely used in your sector. However, UHPC extreme quality allows its use in applications where steel, traditional concrete, plastics or wood are expensive or not satisfactory in terms of performance or durability. 

RDC consultant can evaluate the replacement of your current solution by a tailored premix of Formex®, one of the most used UHPCs in the world.

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Dramatic steel costs..

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RDC News

The new RDC website

Good morning, everyone! Today I am glad to share with you the launching of the new website of our company, RDC (www.rdconcrete.com). I can say that it has not been an update, but a completely new image that undertakes the transformation that

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