Horizon Europe project NATURSEA-PV (2022-2026)

Background: The Horizon Europe project Natursea-PV (Novel Eco-Cementitious Materials and components for competitive, durable and bio-inspired offshore floating PV substructures) funds the research and development of novel materials for substructures oriented to floating photovoltaic systems in offshore environments. Particularly, an eco-UHPC is going to be developed for the design of a system composed by beams […]

H2020 project SMARTINCS (2019-2024)

Background: This project is implementing new life-cycle thinking and durability-based approaches to the concept and design of concrete structures, using self-healing concrete, repair mortars and grouts together with key enabling technologies. Part of the research is carried out integrating these technologies in UHPC. The potential of this project is to create a breakthrough in the […]

EMFF project OpenMode (2019-2021)

Background: There are several types of mussel farming systems, of which the most common are the longine (extensive), and the raft (intensive). The last has been traditionally used in Spain due to the high concentration of phytoplankton in the water and the availability of eucalyptus wood. As since 2018 Formex® beams are an option, RDC […]

H2020 project ReSHEALience (2018-2022)

Background: The durability of concrete structures is particularly difficult to estimate under aggressive environments, where the number and width of the cracks has a significant influence. Project ReSHEALience (Rethinking coastal defence and Green-Energy Service infrastructures through enHancEd-durAbiLIty high-performance fiber reinforced cement-based materials, nº760824) consisted in the development of a Durability Assessment-based Design (DAD) methodology for […]

H2020 project SELMUS (2016-2017)

Background: After the patent of the UHPC rafts in 2015, RDC required to build full-scale pilots of these floating structures to prove to the farmers their durability and suitability. This shaping strategy also required a wide communication and dissemination campaign to familiarize the sector with this new technology. Being RDC a small company and with […]

Design of the first UHPC bridge in Spain, located in Beniarjó (Valencia)

Background: RDC designed in 2018 the first UHPC road bridge built in Spain. The solution was required to rebuild a bridge over the Vernissa river, which was destroyed by the floods on year 2007. The bridge consisted of a bidirectional decks supported existing piles to save six spans, each of them of 10 m. The […]

Reparation of a bridge in Alcira with UHPC beams

Background: In 2019, a concrete bridge in Alcira (Valencia) suffered the impact of a truck, which destroyed its two first “double-T” beams. The contractor requested to RDC the design of the new two beams with UHPC, so if in the future there is a new impact of a truck against them they do not suffer […]

UHPC flooring for a terrace in a recycling plant in Guadassuar (Valencia)

Background: UHPC performance allows to design large format thin slabs, reducing the installation time and the number of joints in the area covered. In 2017, RDC designed with UHPC the slabs of the largest terrace of the recycling plant Ribera del Xuquer (Guadassuar, Valencia). In this case, texture and color were selected to achieve metallic […]

Cantilever UHPC swimming pool for a singular house in Valencia

UHPC Applications RDC cantilevers 1

Background: In 2021, RDC designed a 12-m swimming pool with 8-m of cantilever to be installed in a singular house in Chiva (Valencia). Conceiving this structure with UHPC allowed to minimize the dead load of the solution, so the depth of the element was optimized and it became slenderer. Why to use UHPC? contained in […]

Design of ultra-light UHPC panels for precast housing

Background: The sector of precast buildings has developed dramatically in the last years, existing a wide variety of precasting systems available in the market. For some of them, RDC has designed ultra-light UHPC panels. Many of these components are currently produced in PREFFOR for companies from the sector of industrialized housing. Why to use UHPC? […]