Port and maritime structures

The sea is the largest aggressive environment: chlorides, abrasion, or waves. UHPC can guarantee the lifespan and reduce the commissioning costs.

Floating houses

Applications UHPC floating house

UHPC can have a weight between 50% and 75% lower than ordinary concrete, ideal for floating elements.
Reduced freeboard and costs.

Machine foundations

Many factories have facilities submitted to high temperatures, abrasion, thermal changes, fatigue cycles or concentration of stresses. UHPC is a perfect material to repair them, helping to reduce the OPEX and minimizing the shutdown time.

High-quality outside flooring

UHPC Applications RDC flooring

Elegance, performance, durability Concrete is a material widely used to build pavements. More specifically, imprinted concrete is a very common solution for outer floors, having the advantage of the versatility in colours and textures and its relatively good durability. Some of the limitations of this solution are the slowness of the process, the need to […]

Challenging cantilevers

UHPC Applications RDC cantilevers 1

A cantilever is a beam or girder fixed at only one end, which is generally used in bridge construction, residential buildings, etc. Increasing the length for certain beam depth increases the slenderness, generating a more attractive and astonishing structure. However, increasing the length of a cantilever is challenging due to the significant bending moment induced […]