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New project (AVI): UHPFRC with new fiber technologies and its application in ultralight slabs

Research & Development Concretes has won the award for the project “UHPFRC With New Fiber Technology and Its Application in Ultralight Slabs” within the framework of the first edition of the call for “Complementary Actions to Boost and Strengthen Innovation” by the Agencia Valenciana de la Innovación (Valencian Innovation Agency [AVI]).

The main objective of this project is to add fibers of a high technological value to our advanced concretes to guide them into sectors other than construction. The project will allow the company to continue diversifying its products and markets with high added value, in which it can take advantage of its distinctive strengths.

This project is part of the Consolidation Program of the AVI Business Value Chain for the development of solutions. Its impact involves the application of innovation in products or processes as well as those projects that promote the development and use of other key technologies to boost industrial and economic development.



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