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Reparation of a 52-m high industrial tower

UHPC Repair


A factory from an industrial sector (confidential) has a tower to raise material through it. On many occasions, the material falls and impacts against the internal walls (structural), which are also submitted to vibrations and thermal cycles (20oC to 300oC). The walls, made of concrete, are significantly damaged and they need an urgent intervention to avoid the risk of collapse of the structure. The factory failed with three different protective layers applied in the last 5 years, damaging even more the tower with the interventions.

Why to use UHPC?

UHPC is the material that fulfils at the same time the conditions required for this reparation:
  • The thickness of the protective layer should be minimum to maintain the internal dimensions of the tower. UHPC performance allows it. This thin layer should guarantee a perfect bonding to the current structure to avoid that vibrations and thermal cycles break it. UHPC toughness and bonding capacity can guarantee it.
  • The material should allow a fast intervention to minimize the downtime of the factory: UHPC can provide ≈40% of its total compressive strength after only 24 h. In this application and with rudimentary means, up to 5 m of tower high were done per day, requiring no more than 10 days to complete an action that will not require maintenance in decades.


  • Durable and reliable solution.
  • Can be done with traditional tools.


  • Largest Formex® work made in Africa (2021).
  • Tower under service in less than 2 weeks (reduced downtime).

More Projects with UHPC


RDC works closely with the client to evaluate the technical, economical and environmental viability of replacing its current solution by UHPC. A tailored premix of Formex® is proposed to maximize the competitiveness of the new element.



UHPC Applications


RDC helps the client to make real the use of UHPC in the daily industrial production. The team supports in stages as the scale-up of the production, the resolution of bottlenecks and the implementation of the quality control plan.





UHPC (Ultra-High Performance Concrete) is an extremely compact and ductile cementitious composite. Its properties make it perfect for applications where durability or maintenance play a significant role, where a lightweight structure is particularly relevant, or where the slenderness or thickness of piece is is important.


Do you think that UHPC can add value to your business? Share your thoughts with us. We can help you

If you feel that this innovative material can help you to solve a problem that you have, to improve the quality of your product, reduce the maintenance required, minimize the transportation costs, or any other, write us. We will share with you our point of view.