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RDC is an expert consulting in UHPC located in the Mediterranean city of Valencia. The company started its activity in 2015 after several years of research carried out by its founders. Nowadays, RDC has materialized many relevant innovations using UHPC, adding social, environmental, and economic value to many sectors, as renewable energies, aquaculture, industry, and civil engineering.

RDC, the company

The complete name of RDC (Research and Development Concretes) gives a clue of its origins. In 2010 two of its founders (Juan Ángel López and Esteban Camacho) were actively researching at the Universitat Politècnica de València the design of UHPC mixtures and the possibilities of UHPC precast structures with it. There they met Hugo Coll, an associate professor who found the possibility of using it in a work where he was involved, the footbridge of the Oveja’s ravine, in Alicante (Spain). Juan Ángel López was its designer, and a year later it became a reality, being the first UHPC structure in Spain and the first world truss footbridge made only with UHPC. The 44-m span structure was precast at PREVALESA, which technical director was Fernando Galán. These four persons understood during this project that they could be a valuable and complementary team to boost the use of this efficient material in different sectors. Soon they collaborated again to produce a second footbridge over the V-21 motorway, in Puzol, with a total length exceeding the 100 m. The successful experiences proved that the cooperation had vocation of becoming a business, so in 2015 the team decided to found RDC. Between 2015 and 2018 RDC cooperated with different precast companies to make real their innovative designs, floating the first UHPC raft for aquaculture, installing ultra-thin UHPC stairs or building the first UHPC bridge in Spain. In 2018, RDC founders felt that they needed their own precasting facilities to release all their innovation potential and being less dependent on third parties. Thus, in September of 2018 they created PREFFOR, a company specialized in the production of precast UHPC elements using Formex®. Currently, the synergies between both companies are significant, as RDC can provide a market-oriented approach based on PREFFOR successful experiences, and PREFFOR feeds from the knowledge gained by RDC over the years.

RDC The partners

Esteban Camacho CEO RDC

Esteban Camacho

PhD in Civil Engineering, Esteban is the CEO of RDC and is responsible of implementing the strategy of the company. Expert in design of UHPC mixtures and in market-oriented innovations.


Juan Ángel López

PhD in Civil Engineering, Juan Ángel is technical manager at RDC, providing a significant value in the structural analysis and in the detailed study of the performance of the fibers. Expert in the design of precast UHPC elements.


Hugo Coll

Hugo is a Civil Engineer with two decades of experience in project management. With his wide background, he can provide a well-balanced point of view of the potential applications of UHPC by our clients.


Fernando Galán

Fernando is a Civil Engineer with 25 years of experience in the design of precast concrete elements.

UHPC Bridge

Mission and Vision

The mission of RDC is to design and develop efficient and sustainable structures using advanced concrete technologies, particularly UHPC. Our mission is focused in solving efficiently the needs of our clients, which are from different sectors and countries.

Vision: Provide the best structural alternatives to economic and environmental challenges, helping to shape a better world promoting competitive and responsible industries and infrastructures. We believe that UHPC and its evolution are proving to have the performance needed to face the industrial challenges of the century XXI.

Our values

Our business is based in some principles that drive our decisions. RDC is a company loyal to innovation, understanding it as a multi-stage process where organizations transform ideas into new/improved products to advance, compete and differentiate themselves successfully in their market (Baragheh et al.). This is exactly the goal of the support we give to our clients, and we do it always considering the sustainability in our answers, as we feel that a good proposal needs to be committed with the future generations. Our work is based in the closeness to the client, cooperating with them and tailoring the solutions to meet the expectations and competitiveness desired. Finally, we believe in business integrity, respecting the stakeholders and competing cleanly in the market to provide services that add value to the society.
UHPC Maritime structures

RDC point of difference

UHPC Material


Since its foundation, RDC has oriented research and innovation to market viability and scalability. Possibly this is the reason why you can see Formex® structures under service in sectors as energy, industry, aquaculture, precast buildings, or civil engineering. We are unique because we do not close our mix design or hide our knowledge. On the contrary, we explore all the possibilities together with the client to find together an advanced concrete that adds value to his activity.


In RDC we believe that there are many ways to improve society and to achieve the sustainable development goals. Our responsibility is to support it through the topic that fascinate us: The creation of more efficient and sustainable solutions for industry and construction. Thanks to this determined attitude, nowadays there are dozens of sustainable mussel farms floating in different EU sea basins, novel floating solar plants have conquered harsh environments, lighter precast buildings are reducing the impact of their transport, and footbridges which maintenance costs are several times lower are saving money for the councils. It is our vocation to continue being the driving force of this change, playing our part in this field that we do know very well.

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Weight reduction of 40-75%



Compresive strength 3 to 5 times higther



Lifespan up to 4 times greater