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Good morning, everyone!

Today I am glad to share with you the launching of the new website of our company, RDC (www.rdconcrete.com). I can say that it has not been an update, but a completely new image that undertakes the transformation that RDC has experienced in the last 2 years. 

During this period, we implemented a strategy to conquer the field where we felt that we had the largest competitive strengths: The UHPC consulting services. And we did it well, as out turnover associated to this activity has increased from 25% to 75% of our total revenues, clearly becoming our core. 

In the last two years, RDC has launched three patents more in the fields of energy and marine structures, and it has developed UHPC products in different countries with its own premix, named Formex®. Our twin company, the precast firm PREFFOR, has increased its turnover between 2019 and 2021 in an 87% and it has switched from micro-company to small company.

We are proud to say that, currently, we do not know anyone that can provide such a complete service for UHPC developments as RDC: A consulting that accumulates years of expertise of daily production of precast UHPC structures. This helps us to give innovation services that are realistic and market-oriented, so our clients soon become competitive incorporating UHPC technology to their factories and workforce. Our independence and small size makes us very flexible, so we have the capacity to prototype and test what we design in just few weeks, and this is a powerful tool to progress. Thanks to it, we have reached among others these milestones:

  • Design of the four UHPC footbridges installed up to now in Spain between 2013 and 2022 (in Alicante, Puçol, Sollana and Guadassuar).
  • Design, patent, and installation of the first world UHPC floating farms (2015), which are now market leaders in Galicia (2022), the largest European farming region.
  • Design and patent of the first connectable floating structures for mussel farming (2020).
  • Design, patent, and installation of the first UHPC floaters with solar energy panels integrated (TRL5, marine waters) (2021)
  • Design, patent, and production of the first UHPC pontoons for floating solar energy farms in the largest EU artificial lake (Alqueva dam, Portugal, 5 MW) (2022)

What I want to highlight is not only that we launched these innovations in sectors where concrete is rarely used, but that most of them are sold in the market and with competitive prices. This proves that RDC has the skill (a very valuable skill, in my opinion) to understand beforehand and with a lot of accuracy in which applications using UHPC is the most competitive solution, and if the market will perceive this value.

Please, feel free to send us your comments, critics of questions.

To see some examples of this, visit our new website.



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