We have the most skilled team in UHPC services ever

RDC works closely with the client to evaluate the technical, economical and environmental viability of replacing its current solution by UHPC.
A tailored premix of Formex® is proposed to maximize the competitiveness of the new element

RDC team has a background of more than 10 years working with UHPC. They have promoted some of the most innovative UHPC structures that are now in the market, as the floating farms to harvest mussels or the pontoons for floating solar energy generation

The know-how that RDC has of all the value chain of UHPC makes it the perfect support to provide to the client the best integral solution.

The team together
The team together
UHPC Consulting

RDC have promoted the most innovative solutions in UHPC in the market"

We know very well where UHPC can be competitive, and we can prove it. Our business model is to carry out an analysis for the client to explore the viability of using UHPC in his factory or application.

We can provide a tailored Formex® premix with mínimum variability, or develop a tailored UHPC for our client with local materials.

We have learned over the years that the most competitive applications for UHPC are not obvious. Thus, being open, thinking out the box and exploring audacious ideas is necesary to find innovative UHPC applications. Contact us so we can support you with them!

We are offering services to our clients in the different steps of a concrete structure value chain

Viability analysis

Mix design

Structural design



Quality Control



Do you think that UHPC can add value to your business? Share your thoughts with us. We can help you

If you feel that this innovative material can help you to solve a problem that you have, to improve the quality of your product, reduce the maintenance required, minimize the transportation costs, or any other, write us. We will share with you our point of view.


RDC helps the client to make real the use of UHPC in the daily industrial production. The team supports in stages as the scale-up of the production, the resolution of bottlenecks and the implementation of the quality control plan.



RDC can evaluate the affordability of using UHPC in an specific Project, conduct an optimized design and deliver the tailored Formex® premix to carry out the in-situ works.